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The greatest local marketing tips you should know

To help you maximize your local visibility, we’ll be looking back at the 13 best local marketing tips we’ve ever published. Some are highly specific while others serve as more of a generalized guide, but if you’re trying to reach new customers in your area, grab a coffee and read on.

Write Ads That Emphasize Time-Sensitive Offers

Although AdWords’ Promotion extensions can be very powerful, no ad extension can replace unique, relevant ad copy, which is why you may want to consider creating unique ad copy for time-sensitive sales and promotions.

Local marketing tips unique ad copy
Again, this is a bit more work than relying on more automated solutions such as Dynamic Keyword Insertion, but it can really pay off. Combining Promotion extensions with unique ad copy that emphasizes time-sensitive offers can be very persuasive to would-be customers.

Create Custom Landing Pages for EVERY SINGLE Campaign

Our first tip is among the most important, but it’s also one that often elicits audible groans from already overworked marketers.

Local marketing tips unique landing page

An example of a unique landing page that accompanies an ad
for legal advice for LLCs

Relevance is key to the success of a locally focused campaign, which means reusing generic or overly broad landing pages could cost you conversions. Per our recommended PPC best practices, creating unique, highly relevant landing pages for EVERY SINGLE campaign is one of the best ways to increase your conversion rates. Yes, there’s a greater upfront overhead in terms of time, but laying the groundwork in this way can pay off big further down the road.

Use Call-Only Ads in Your Campaigns

Unique, highly relevant landing pages are the cornerstone of many ad campaigns (as we established in tip #1), but landing pages can be a double-edged sword; they can be a powerful tool, but they can also be among the “leakiest” stages of the funnel.

Local marketing tips Facebook Call Only ads


One of the most effective ways to eliminate the possibility of losing conversions to a landing page and capitalize on mobile traffic is to use Call-Only campaigns. This ad format is available in both AdWords and Facebook, and allows advertisers to bypass landing pages entirely by offering users a “Call Now” button in their ads, which lets users call your business directly by clicking on an ad.

This feature can be immensely valuable to advertisers hoping to connect directly with prospective customers. Why ask prospects to fill out a web form when they can literally talk to you within seconds of seeing your ad?

Use Ad Extensions to Maximize Visibility

When AdWords first launched back in 2000, the ads users saw alongside their search results were…a little rudimentary. Today, advertisers can take advantage of a number of features and ad formats to improve their visibility, and ad extensions are among the most effective ways to do so.

Local marketing tips Display Location extensions

There are two ad extensions in particular that can be very powerful for local search:

  • Display Location extensions
  • Promotion extensions

Display Location extensions allow advertisers to – you guessed it – display their business’ location as part of their PPC ads, which resembles the example image above.

Users who see ads with Display Location extensions can click on the address in the ad to receive directions to an advertiser’s store, which is an excellent way to drive foot traffic. As well as making it as easy as possible for prospective customers to find your store, this extension could also offer you a competitive advantage; even if a rival store is closer, having one-click directions available could tempt prospective customers to patronize your business.

Promotion extensions are among the most recent additions to AdWords’ already lengthy list of ad extensions. This ad extension allows advertisers to add time-sensitive offers to their PPC ads, as seen below:

Local marketing tips AdWords promotion extensions

This can be a powerfully persuasive addition to your ads, particularly if you’re targeting high-commercial intent keywords or branded terms for popular product lines. Speaking of time-sensitive…

Create Locally Focused Content

We all know that Content is Good, but it’s amazing how few locally focused businesses don’t bother with content as a marketing strategy. It’s understandable; for many small-business owners, there are barely enough hours in the day to actually run their business, let alone launch and sustain a comprehensive content marketing campaign, but for those who can handle the extra work, it could really pay off.

Local marketing tips local content

Local content – it’s what’s for dinner.

Creating locally focused content is an excellent way to both increase your visibility to prospective customers and establish your business as a trusted voice in the community. When it comes to deciding upon which types of content you should produce, think about it from the perspective of your customers. What are their most common questions? What aspects of your products or services could benefit from complementary content? Are there opportunities for seasonal content?

Use Facebook Ad Targeting to Your Advantage

Facebook Ads’ greatest strength – besides its obscenely large global user base, of course – is the granularity with which advertisers can target their ads.

Local marketing tips Facebook targeting options

Facebook offers advertisers a truly remarkable range of targeting parameters

Facebook allows advertisers to target their ads using virtually every aspect of a person’s life as an advertising parameter, including demographic data such as age, life events like getting married or having a child, their level of education or approximate income, and much more. These parameters can then be combined with location targeting, refining potential audiences even further.

Aside from serving as a cautionary tale about how much information we willingly surrender online, this level of granularity is what allows Facebook to offer advertisers an incredible degree of control over their campaigns.

However, although Facebook’s targeting options are very powerful, it’s important to remember that being too selective with your audience targeting options could result in diminishing your audience to the point it becomes detrimental, so tread carefully.

Promote Positive Customer Reviews Through Your Social Channels

Alongside word-of-mouth recommendations, social proof is among the most persuasive elements you can leverage when promoting your business.

Local marketing tips Facebook reviews

The proliferation of review sites such as Yelp and the ubiquity of customer reviews mean that customers – satisfied or not – expect to be able to gush and/or vent about how great/awful you are. If your customers love you, why not make the most of your business’ fans by promoting positive customer reviews on your social channels?

Many small businesses leverage this technique to great effect, particularly on Facebook. If a customer leaves you a gushing message about how much they love your business, engage with them and gain more exposure by promoting this feedback. You don’t necessarily need to use positive customer feedback as the basis for ad creative, either – it’s just as viable to incorporate customer reviews into your organic social content.

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