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When Should You Use Email Marketing?

We’ve thrown a lot of numbers at you, but what does all of this mean for your holiday sales and other sales marketing? Below, we’ve put together some tips for getting the most out of email marketing for your promotions:

Send your latest holiday promotions to your email list. Since consumers have come to expect marketing materials in their inboxes, they are more likely to respond to sales content in an email than on social media. You can use this to your advantage by letting everyone on your email list know what your latest holiday promotions will be. If you are offering a discount or coupon, you can put any codes or barcodes directly in the email. When it comes to special sales, deliver flyers to your email list that include the dates and details for each promotion.

Use email marketing to reach interested consumers. Make sure that you use email to stay connected with your customers and fans. If you advertise your holiday sales or promotions through social media, it’s important that you also directly deliver this information to consumers through email.

email vs social for holiday promotions

Drive traffic back to your website with specific CTAs. When marketing your holiday sales through email marketing, make sure to take the opportunity to drive traffic directly back to your site. Use a distinct and compelling call-to-action that invites readers to click for more information or to make a purchase. Link each CTA to a targeted landing page that provides more details about your holiday promotions. You could also link directly to a product page for easy purchase.

Email marketing also boasts higher conversion rates than any other marketing channel. One report found that 66 percent of online consumers made a purchase as the result of email marketing.

Conversely, only 20 percent made a purchase as a result of a Facebook promotion. This is largely because most consumers are familiar and comfortable with receiving marketing messages via email, while retargeted social media ads may seem invasive or interruptive, and organic social media promotions may be missed entirely.

And because of email marketing’s ability to achieve high conversion rates at a lower cost than paid social ads, it has the potential to provide a better ROI than social media.

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