Sunday, 14 Jul 2024
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When Should You Use Social Media Ads?

Social media results are often better for brands when they use paid ads in combination with organic posts. The main reason for this is that social media channels like Facebook have access to a wealth of third-party data. This data allows you to reach a uniquely targeted group of consumers who are most likely to be interested in your holiday promotions.

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Here are just a few occasions where you might use social media ads over email marketing:

Use social media ads to reach new audiences. When it comes to email marketing, you can only reach your current email list. Unless your post is shared, the same goes for organic social media posts. However, with social media ads, you can reach brand new audiences.

Encourage sharing across social platforms. Whenever possible, encourage followers and fans to share your content so that you can reach an even wider audience. Social media contests, such as an Instagram giveaway, are a great way to promote sharing, especially on holidays when everyone is hunting around for the best deal.

Improve brand recognition.Social media ads are also ideal for improving brand recognition. By placing ads on the social media platforms that your target audience frequents most, you can start to build up a larger fan base. The more familiar consumers are with your brand, the more likely they will be to make a purchase—especially when they come across your holiday sale. Try running a brand awareness campaign on Facebook prior to your big sale.

Though email may have high conversion rates, it only allows you to engage with those who have opted in to communication. The more your followers and fans share your holiday sales and other promotions, the better you’ll be able to expand your reach to new consumers.

You’ve seen how crazy everyone gets on big shopping holidays. People will actually camp outside a store if it means they’ll get a good deal. Social media is built for engagement and sharing, so promoting your holiday sale on social media is a fantastic way to take advantage of that buying frenzy. Just make sure that you create posts and ads that people will want to share (of course, it never hurts to offer a screamin’ deal).