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Great tips to optimise website for Google RankBrain

RankBrain uses Artificial Intelligence to integrate large volumes of written language into mathematical units called vectors, which the computer can understand. Here you will also get know how to optimize RankBrain Algorithm.

When RankBrain recognizes a word or phrase that you are unfamiliar with, the computer can guess which words or phrases may have a similar meaning and filter the result accordingly to make querying more efficient.

In practice, RankBrain shows up for a search term like “how many tablespoons in a cup?” Google RankBrain Algorithm displays various search results based on criteria such as the country of origin of the search.

Google told Search Engine Land that RankBrain preferred other results in Australia than in the US for this query because the measures were different in each country despite similar names.

And it’s effective: Google’s search engine engineers have been asked to review some pages and guess what they think Google’s search engine technology is at the top of search results.

While Google search engine engineers suspected it in 70% of the cases, RankBrain had a success rate of 80%.

There are steps that any small business with a web presence can take in order to make the most of the growing dominance of RankBrain;

1. Use medium-tail keywords

Optimising around long-tail keywords used to be the norm. With RankBrain, however, you should shift your focus to medium-tail keywords, since “the best recipes for chicken out there” and “chicken recipes” now produces almost identical results.

Medium-tail keywords are not too competitive but still get plenty of search volume, so optimise your page around one of them. RankBrain will then be able to rank you for other similar keywords.

2. Optimise titles and description tags

Since RankBrain measures CTR, you need to find ways to make users actually click on your page. This is where title and description tags come in:

Title tags

Add emotions to your titles, especially since a 2015 study by CoSchedule found that emotional titles have more social shares than generic ones.

You should also add brackets/parentheses, as this can significantly boost clickthroughs compared to titles without. Lastly, use numbers and power words to be more eye-catching.

Description tags

Similar to title tags, add emotion to your descriptions. Include why they should click on your page (e.g. benefits, how their lives would improve).

As for keywords, include those that paid ads use and your own target keyword.

3. Optimise content

Regardless of keyword and tag optimisation, if your content does not deliver, your site visitors would quickly leave. Keep in mind that the longer your users stay, the more Google sees your site as valuable and relevant. To further hook them with your content, do the following:

  • Place your content above the fold and use shorter intros. This way, users will be able to get their answers immediately without boring them with a wall-of-text intro.
  • Publish in-depth content based on your keywords, but make sure you format them in a way that’s easy on the eyes. This means subheads, bullet points, and numerical lists. It will be easier to read, thereby increasing dwell times.
  • Embed videos or podcasts. This has a two-pronged benefit: your dwell time increases as users watch/listen to embedded content, and it helps break up long in-depth articles.
  • Long form content tends to rank better than shorter content but content quality and demonstrable expertise are the signals that Google RankBrain is looking for. You should therefore look to improve older content by making sure it’s up to date and covers the subject matter properly. If it’s too short, then think about beefing it up.
  • Use a more natural language when you write. Don’t make your content sound stiff for the sake of inserting keywords every few sentences. Remember: RankBrain can now decipher context, so write in the language that your audience will relate to; the days of keyword stuffing are well and truly gone so don’t get tempted.

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