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How many backlinks created a day to get to top Google ranking

Often, website owners want to know how long it takes a new website to start ranking well in Google, and exactly how many backlinks they’ll need to achieve those results.

Just look at some examples to know more how many backlinks are enough for keywords to be on the first page of Google.

how many backlinks are safe and enough?

#1 Example (the name of site is hidden)

Keyword Position Traffic (desc) LRDs Links to Page
gaming desk 5 3,083 14 29
best walking shoes 1 2,239 23 47
best fidget spinner 5 1,078 49 66
best walking shoes for men 3 996 23 47
leather sewing machine 3 857 18 24
high quality fidget spinner 1 815 49 66
gaming desks 6 798 14 29
best walking shoes 6 780 23 47
gaming computer desk 9 598 14 29
dslr stabilizer 1 491 33 55

There are no super hard terms on this list. They’ve simple targeted a lot of keywords.

For your site, you might just be targeting a few main keywords, so you may not have to do much link building to see results.

For the keyword “gaming desk,” there’s only 14 LRDs to the page. Of those, only 4 of the resulting links have URL ratings above 10.

#2 Example with

Take a look at the top keywords the site is ranking for:

Keyword Position Traffic (desc) LRDs Links to Page
pitching machine 3 482 6 36
baseball bats review 1 174 153 761
baseballbat reviews 1 174 153 761
softball bat reviews 1 162 40 215
best softball bats 1 161 40 215
baseball bat reviews 1 156 153 761
youth baseball bats 6 150 17 77
baseball bat review 1 149 153 761
best youth baseball bats 3 134 17 77
bats review 1 110 153 761

Only a few pages on the site rank for these terms (that’s why the page stats are the same).

Other than the homepage, with 153 LRDs, no other page that ranks for a top term has more than 40 LRDs.

Ranking #3 for “pitching machine” only took 6 LRDs, and none are particularly great. The highest URL rating for that page is just 14.

Once you get enough links to other pages (like the homepage here), it gets easier and easier to rank for other keywords by leveraging your domain authority.

There’s no “perfect” type of link, and no single link building strategy that is better than the rest.

The more important thing to focus on is the authority and relevance of your links. That’s why I focused so much on those factors above.

But it is interesting and can be useful to examine the types of links different sites use.

Link types of Site #1

Many of their links were contextual links within blog posts. These are high quality links that were probably obtained through outreach and guest posting.

The rest of the links consisted of a scattering of:

  • Links from testimonials they gave (e.g. to a WordPress theme)
  • Social media posts
  • Blog comments

Nothing too special, the kind of links that everyone has been building for many years.

Link types of

The link profile for this site was very balanced, there wasn’t really a single type that dominated the results.

Overall, I saw 5 particular types that were more frequent than the rest:

  1. Links in guest posts
  2. Scholarship links (yes, they still work!)
  3. Contextual links from other baseball niche sites and resource pages
  4. Standard social media and web 2.0 sites
  5. Forum posts

It’s not going to happen overnight, but if you’re consistent and patient with your link building, your traffic can grow to a significant level even within a year or so.


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