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How to build blog comment backlinks in the right ways

If you want to get back links using blog commenting, try to create comments that are relevant to the blog discussion. This will make the entire process look natural. If the comments are not in line with what is being discussed in the blogs it will look very obvious that you have posted the comments just for the sake of back links and it will only make you a spammer. Once you are branded a spammer by a blog, you will never again be able to post comments or take part in the blog discussions in the respective blogs.

Dropping links in blog comments was a very popular way of link building until Google tried to put a stop to that with the introduction of the nofollow link in 2005. Blog comment link building involved posting comments on blog posts and putting keyword-rich text in the name field and linking through to a landing page. This process was automated and blog comment spam became a massive problem for website owners. Links were also placed within the comment itself.

blog comment backlinks

How do I build Blog Comment links the right way?

Commenting on blogs should not be done for the purpose of gaining links. A link may be a side effect, such as when used to answer the needs or questions of the audience.

If you are commenting on relevant, authoritative sites, commenting correctly can help build your reputation with your audience and also build traffic to your website.

When commenting, you should take into account the following:

  • Ensure the site you are commenting on is high quality and relevant to your industry
  • Use your full name, not a spammy exact match keyword
  • Use an email address connected to a Gravatar
  • Write comments that other readers will find valuable
  • Don’t automate blog commenting
  • Don’t use keywords instead of your name
  • Don’t have large volumes of comments
  • Don’t comment on spammy sites

Attracting attention to yourself and your website

Authors and website owners aren’t the only people who see your blog comments.

Once you post a comment, your words become part of the article itself, and the majority of people who read that article will, in turn, read the comments left below.

So when you comment in that blog post, you’ll be exposing yourself and your brand to even more people.

If you do so strategically, you could attract the attention of people in your target audience and draw them to your website.

While this may not give you backlinks or boost SEO directly, it can boost targeted web traffic rolling into your site, and it could even lead to more social shares. Both of these things feed into SEO, so you’re getting a step or two closer to improving your rankings.

Get your comments noticed by the right people

Where you put your blog comments is just as important as what you say.
As we mentioned above, it’s absolutely essential that you find relevant websites and relevant blog posts within those websites to place your comments.

But another extremely important factor is finding places where your audience is hanging out.

Basically, you want to find websites that are closely related to yours and are directed at the same target audience as yours.

Often, the easiest way to find such blogs is through a Google search:

– First, open an incognito tab so you can get results that aren’t tailored to you.
Then, search for relevant keywords with the search operator “inurl:blog” to see which blog post come up.
– Focus on high-authority blogs with plenty of traffic. For a quick view, check how many social shares the post has, or how many comments have already been posted. Also, you can check the domain authority using a tool such as the Monitor Backlinks Free Backlinks Checker.
– Another way to find relevant blogs to comment on is the free tool Drop My Link, which allows you to do specific searches for websites that have commenting enabled with the keywords you want.

You can even find posts that have yet to be commented on, meaning you can be the first to comment on a high-authority post!

You should also choose your blogs carefully. All the blogs that you post comments should be reputed blogs with good visitor traffic. If you post messages in high traffic blogs your website’s traffic will improve and your efforts will bring better results. It is best to make the submissions manually. If the submissions are done through automated tools, you will be forced to create template based messages. Hire SEO service providers that offer manual blog commenting service.

Post comments early

Being first or at least among the first five to drop comments on post matters a lot. This help other blog readers that visit later to see what others have said about the post and if yours happens to be an awesome thought, they might as well check you out.

I have had a couple of success with this strategy on – but be careful how you utilize this strategy; don’t abuse it by making it as often as possible to always be the first one to comment – especially on a particular blog.

It could easily become annoying on the part of the blog author and other blog readers, also may result into making some horrible nasty comment or irrelevant statements. Don’t be in a rush to read and leave comments, take your time to read and understand what the post is all about.

Read first, comment later

Recently, my very good friend Enstine publish a post on his blog that not until you read to the end of it, the headline will certainly makes you jump into making a quick comments.

Many who left comment on the post didn’t read to the last sentence therefore, they left irrelevant comment on the post. This proves they’re out there to get link back to their latest post.
Don’t follow this route; not saying a word is far better than hundreds of Jargon.

If you don’t have time to read the post, you can as well share it on twitter for at least the author will notice that on the social networking platform and may reward you for sharing his post.

Relevancy matters

It doesn’t matter how popular or engaged the blog you’re commenting on is, if it not targeted to your blog niche the traffic may not be as useful as you had anticipated. Don’t just aim at popular blogs like Huffingtonpost, Marshables,Techcrunch etc.

All these blogs might not get you blog readers, their blog topics is diverse and they at least might get you blog tourist. Focus on commenting on blogs that write on similar topics as yours and with good signs of engagements on their blogs post.

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