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Great tips to recover website traffic from Google Penguin Penalty

The Penguin filter introduced in 2012 would run and catch spammy sites and penalize them even till they improved and changed their content. Until the next time the filter ran, the site would be down for months altogether. The third Penguin update happened on October 17, 2014, which guaranteed sites to be down for more than two years.

Those long delays though are now going to be past, according to Google and its latest release, as Penguin 4.0 becomes real-time. Google can now recrawl and reindex pages on a constant basis, while being caught and freed by the update as part of a regular process.

The Google 4.0 Penguin release in September 2016 made a significant impact on the way SEO marketers worldwide approached content – shifting focus to a more organic strategy without having to stress about search algorithm penalties from before.

As a speedy reminder, Google designed the Penguin updates to identify spammy sites that place unnatural links on other sites, which are unacceptable to the search engine.

SEO practitioners would find it tough to survive in the new world of SEO. Here are some tips that will help to survive the onslaught and real-time Google crawling of content on different sites. That will also help you recover lost traffic from Google Penguin Penalties

Here I am going to share how you can get recover if your website is hit by penguin algorithm. There are some tips:

Link Quality

First, you should get rid of low-quality backlinks. If you are using the services which offer 10000 backlinks in just $10, then your site might penalize. So you must avoid such types of backlinks.

You have to work hard to get high-quality backlinks. You also have to maintain a good ratio between the good and bad backlinks. Overall you have to focus on quality links.

One of the major issues seen in the Google Penguin update:

Websites having a good number of quality links with a mixture of spammy links

Reason for getting penalized is that link variation. Some of the links come from the spammy sites and non-relevant niche. This would be one of the reasons for the website penalization.

So now you should create a new link building campaign which contains only high-quality links rather than a low-quality link.

Link quality could be one type for How to Recover from Google Penguin Algorithm update after Traffic Drop. because it helps to drop the traffic so efficiently.

Google Webmaster Tool

This Google Webmaster tool is an official tool of Google.

You can analyze your website’s SEO in detail.

Now Google has also started to send a notification to the webmaster tool users. If there are any issue and changes in your website’s traffic or you have used so many low-quality links and spammy links on your website. Then you will get a notification.

Google webmaster tool is like your friend. It will tell you everything about your website.

Stop Building Unusual Links

Most of us publish publications in any niche and take between 1 and 2 fast backlinks. Although these backlinks are not relevant to the blog theme, link builders still get a backlink. According to Google, these links are unusual.

If you accept irrelevant niche contributions for bloggers who allow guest publications, you will affect the quality of your website.

Keyword Density

If you are still using keyword stuffing, then you should avoid and stop this.

Always maintain keyword density along with LSI keywords. You use Word Press then you can use SEOPressor plugin for better optimization.

Must Avoid Keyword Stuffing

There are several Word Press Add-Ons (Revenue Search Alert, Tag 2 Search Terms) that append the result of the search query at the end of the message. This leads to a keyword filling or keyword stuffing.

At some point, this kind of updates can affect your website. Bloggers who use hidden phrases to refill then penguin penalizes these sites.

If you were full of keywords, you need to change your content.

Write for Users, not for Search Engine

If you trying to push low-quality links to them on the page, you may be the next victim. We have already explained what SEO considers to be quality content.

Work on the quality of your articles and make them as informative as possible. Pay attention to the head tags (H1, H2, and H3) and make your content presentable.

Increase Anchor-Text Distribution

Most of the niche sites affected by the Penguin update are due to the distribution of anchor text.

Most internet marketers use appropriate keywords in the anchor text to get high-quality backlinks. If you have done the same, you should work to increase the variety of links. Always try to get links to your pages with different anchor text.

Stop SEO Automation

Many people have asked me about the SEO automation and I suggested to them that:

The automatic reference is bad. Google algorithm update look on the automation tools also.

If you optimize your site using automated methods (such as Web Position Gold) to send automated queries, then you are in violation of Google’s Terms of Use and should avoid these practices.

Go Social

Go social and think socially.

If you are working on micro-niche sites and have penalized by the Penguin update, it’s time to determine the social factor of your site.

  • Have you integrated social sharing buttons?
  • Do you have a Google Plus page for your website?
  • Do readers share their content on social bookmarking sites?

If this is not the case, then it is time to define an appropriate strategy and work on building your social network. if you have not yet implemented a Google Plus button, you’ll need to add it now.

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