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Tips for choosing a domain name intelligently

Believe it or not, choosing a domain name can actually be a fun experience if you know how to approach choosing one. It’s not always as simple as using your business name for your website. Follow these tips to choose the right domain name for your new website.

Do Your Research

First, you’ll want to do some research and see what domain names are available. There are millions of websites out there now, so it is highly likely that the original domain name you have in mind won’t be available unless you want to buy it from its current owner at a hefty price. But there are still plenty of options out there. Use a domain name generator to see what’s available.

While doing your research, make sure to keep your target audience in mind. What terms and phrases, or keywords, do they already search for online the most? If possible, incorporate one or more keywords into your domain name itself so that it will come up in their search results often.

Additionally, think about what domain names will be available across different social media channels and messaging platforms, too. For instance, if “hotsocks.com” is available, it may not also be available on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media channels where you’ll want to share links and information about your website.

Make It Easy to Remember and Type

Your domain name must be easy to pronounce and type out or people will easily forget it or not be able to find it. For instance, don’t have more than two or three words in it. And don’t use words or phrases that have homonyms or that are easily misspelled. For instance, “weirdkix.com” could easily be misspelled and mistyped if someone mentioned it aloud. And it won’t be easy to find in search engines.

And if you want your domain name to be easy to remember and type, don’t use numbers, hyphens, or special characters. For instance, instead of, “5*Mini-Vacations.com,” you would want to use something like, “luxuryminivaca.com.”

Remember Your Brand

Choosing a domain name is also one of the first steps you’ll take toward branding yourself or your business online. Again, always keep your target audience and customers in mind, so that you’re always speaking their language and communicating what you do and offer in a way that makes sense to them and really resonates with what they want or care about. For example, if you’re trying to target luxury travelers with your website, you would probably select the domain name “luxurioustravel.com” before you would select, “traveldeals.com.”

Use an Appropriate Domain Extension

Everyone thinks that they need a domain name with a “.com” extension, but you might want to consider thinking outside of the box if you’re really having a hard time finding a domain name that you want and that coincides with your website’s brand. You can also consider domain extensions like “.us,” “.info,” “.biz,” “.work,” “.shop,” etc. Just make sure the domain extension is relevant to your type of website and or business to alleviate confusion. For instance, “.org” is usually used for nonprofit entities. And “.net” is usually used for network-related businesses or organizations.

Know Where to Register Your Domain

Once you’ve decided on a domain name that’s available, you’ll most likely want to register it with the hosting service you choose for your website. While it isn’t necessary to do this, it makes managing domains and websites, as well as billing and website setup, much easier to do and understand because there is a single source to manage both. Most hosting services will also let you transfer and existing domains you already have.

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