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Great tips to get organic traffic from Facebook

Facebook marketing is the most awesome strategy to widen your reach and achieve your most relevant audiences. You can use all such potentials of Facebook in optimizing the online presence of your blog as well. With the end goal to do that, you need to get these fans to your site via some clicks.

How to get more organic traffic from Facebook

Always Share Your Content on Facebook

Whenever you publish a blog article, infographic, or release a guide, take 10 minutes to post it on your Facebook Page.

This is beneficial in many ways:

  • You’ll keep your fans updated about new content
  • Your article will reach new people who may become fans
  • Posting regularly shows you’re active and more trustworthy
  • Your fresh article will get a boost it needs to be read and shared across the web
  • You could be offered guest blogging opportunities from top blogs.
  • For 10 minutes of your time, that’s a lot of benefits and fame.

Even if you don’t have that many Facebook page fans, it makes sense to share your post.

In the beginning, your post may organically gather only 1-2 likes (one of which is coming from yourself), but that’s fine. You will grow your followership eventually. Especially with the hacks you’re going to learn in a sec.

Consistently post Relevant, Quality, Engaging & Thought Provoking Content on your Blog

In case you post funny pictures, GIFs, memes, news links then they can be quite good at entertaining your fans, however, they will never direct people to your site/blog. Use of quality content and their steady posting on your blog can help you generate more traffic.

A constant flow of relevant, powerful and engaging content gives you something to promote on your Facebook page. This gives your Facebook fans something intriguing to peruse and keeps them waiting for some more posts that can offer some value addition.

Sharing your blog post on the Facebook page is very effective in influencing your Facebook traffic to land on your blog. So, use this strategy to optimize quality traffic for your blog.

However, when it comes to content creation, it does not mean that you need to do all the truly difficult work. You just need to do some smart hacks. Like-

Routinely refreshing your blog with new content can be quite useful. You should also make it simple for other individuals to share your blog posts on Facebook. It will be great if you add social sharing buttons on your blog, as this gives a one-step approach to individuals to share your blog post with a link to your blog on their own Facebook profile. This will widen the reach of your blog post and help you get their Facebook traffic onto your blog as well.

Set the Right Target Audience

As a recent change, Facebook is letting advertisers optimize who will see their Facebook posts.

You can tell Facebook who’s the ideal audience for your post’s organic reach. (And you probably had no idea the Facebook Audience Optimization feature exists!)

Here’s how it works.

When adding a new post to your Facebook page, click on the little target-shaped icon to select your preferred target audience.

optimize facebook post audience

This small icon is a winner

Once you click on the icon, a new pop-up window will appear where you can optimize your post’s target audience based on their interests. It works just like creating a Facebook Saved Audience.


optimize facebook post audience

Looks and works like creating a Facebook Saved Audience

Another thing you can do is setting audience restrictions to tell Facebook who is or isn’t allowed to see your posts. For example, you can set the age, language, and location to target specific people with every Facebook post.

optimize facebook post audience

Set additional restrictions in your post’s targeting

How to activate the Automated Audience Optimization:

Important: If your Facebook page has fewer than 5,000 likes, you may need to turn it on manually. Simply click the “Settings” tab in the top right corner of your Facebook page. From the “General” tab, you’ll see a row for “Audience Optimization for Posts.”

Click on “Edit” and check the box to activate the Audience Optimization. Then, hit the “Save Changes” button.

optimize facebook post audience

Activate the Audience Optimization feature

Every time you publish a new Facebook post, let the algorithms know who it is you’re targeting (or in other words, who will find your Facebook post relevant and interesting).

Use Facebook Ads to get more Facebook Traffic on your Blogs

The most effortless approach to get your Facebook posts before your most relevant audiences is to opt for paid advertising on Facebook.

You will also be offered a variety of choices with regards to targeting audiences via Facebook Ads. You can use it to get more reach among your existing Facebook fans, plus Ads will help you reach to those audiences who are not in your fan list as well.

It will let your Facebook page to reach more audiences who can opt for your products and services. This way, the audience of your Fb page will increase. Then you can use aforestated tricks to drive those people to your blog.

You can promote posts that have your blog links using paid Ads on Facebook. This will widen the reach of those posts in the most powerful manner possible that will not only increase your Facebook traffic but also compel them to land on your blog.

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