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Facebook Ads

Best Facebook advertising tips you should learn

Here are powerful Facebook ads tips that will help you get the most out of your marketing campaigns and easily grow your eCommerce business.

Target people by location

If you regularly do a target audience analysis, you probably know what people are interested in your business and where they mostly live. Thanks to Facebook location targeting option, you can easily reach these people.

As a rule, the platform uses mobile signals, IP addresses, and profile data to determine its users’ locations. So if you’re traveling the world, Facebook will know about it and will show you the ads that are in some way related to your current location.

And you can use this option to your own advantage.

With Facebook ads, you can target users based on their countries, cities or even on a specific place. So you can enter any physical address in the search box and target all the people who are around this area.

Target ads at people who have engaged with your Facebook page or Instagram profile

Let’s move onto Warm audiences. One of the most effective ways to target people who already know your business is to use the Facebook page and Instagram profile engagement custom audience. Specifically, it’s the audience that segments people based on whether they have engaged with your organic posts and/or ads. You can group the people who have actively engaged with your business and promote your core offer to them.

To create these audiences, navigate to your Audiences dashboard, and in the audience dropdown list, select Custom Audience. Next, from the array of different custom audiences choose Facebook Page.

Target customers by their behavior

Facebook allows you to target specific audiences with very different behaviour patterns.

As you can see, Facebook has lots of categories, which include lots of subcategories. If you regularly analyze your audience, you can suggest what your customers like, what devices they usually use, what payment methods they prefer, etc.

Based on this information, you can create and target lots of small custom audiences instead of a large one. So, for example, you can target the event creators who use all mobile devices or console gamers who prefer smartphones to tablets. Or event creators who like smartphones. Everything is up to you.

Target Your Hyper-Responsive Prospects with Custom Audiences

Most Facebook advertisers spend hours researching various demographic, interest and behavioral targeting options.

But that’s not where most businesses are going to find their best prospects.

The hyper-responsive prospects for most businesses, are people that already know that business.

These could be previous and existing customers, website visitors, Facebook page engagers, app users, etc.

Advertising to these warm audiences nearly always delivers better results than advertising to cold audiences.

Facebook advertising tips

Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Without Facebook lookalike audiences, the ad platform would be much less effective.

A lookalike audience consists of a group of people that are very similar to another group of people.

This is fantastic for Facebook advertisers, because you can take a list of leads or a list of customers, upload that to Facebook and use it to create a lookalike audience.

Advertising to people that are very similar to your existing customers is (obviously!) incredibly effective.

You need at least 100 people in your source audience to create a lookalike audience. But as soon as you do, make sure you add lookalike audiences to your Facebook ad campaigns.

Create a Facebook Advertising Sales Funnel

One of the things I always hear from Facebook advertising naysayers is that people don’t want to be advertised to on Facebook.

And they’re right.

Of course no one wants to be advertised to on Facebook. But that doesn’t mean it’s not effective.

It simply means that you need to take a multi-step approach to get the best results.

Advertising your products and services directly to cold audiences is unlikely to work well.

Instead you need to take your cold prospects through a Facebook advertising sales funnel that warms them up and puts them in a position where they are ready to buy.

Remarket your website visitors with Facebook ads

Now, let’s talk about website custom audiences. They are a Facebook targeting option that allows you to group people based on their activity on your website. To build them, you need to have installed the Facebook pixel on your website. Doing so tags people and sends that data back to your ad account. (This blog post walks you through the steps for installing the Facebook pixel and relevant conversion tracking.)

Website custom audiences are the most effective type of Facebook ad targeting. However, they also are the smallest audience compared with Warm and Cold types, the most difficult to scale, and require continuous visitors to your website to remain effective.

If you are new to website custom audiences or they have failed to deliver for you, start with a 180-day all traffic audience type. This is the largest audience size, which encompasses all the traffic that has visited your website and gives Facebook enough data to optimize when using the conversion objective.

To create this audience, in the Audience dashboard click on the create button and from the dropdown select Custom audience. Then in the custom audience menu, click on website traffic.

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