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Why do you need an alternative domain?

There are many reasons why you should register more than one domain – the ones listed above are just a few. Having more than one domain name (with a website on it) means additional opportunities to be listed in search engines.

More opportunities

It is quite common for businesses to register multiple domain names in order to not only protect their brand e.g. their brand name plus multiple domain extension – however, increasingly business register additional domains in order to expand their online reach, and thereby reach more customers. Registering more than one domain name is a wise choice. Below are six reasons why you should register another domain:

1. Enhance your online presence:

Let customers know exactly what it is you do and what you provide. This has been made easier than ever thanks to the new range of domain name extensions that have been released in the last couple of years. For example, you can now register extensions such as – which is great for personal coaches or fitness related businesses. Also extensions such as,,,, etc.

2. Expand your brand:

Many business offer a range different products or services – having additional domain names will enable you to promote these in a more targeted way.  You don’t have to limit yourself to just one domain. Many people & businesses own more than one domain name. They do this in order to take advantage of the new extensions to promote other products/services that you offer. Don’t limit yourself.

You may also want to promote specific products or services by create a unique website for it – which would require registering an additional domain name. For example, Casablanca Hire is a London based event hire company that specialises in event hire equipment. They have a large stock of marquees, tables and chairs and catering hire equipment.

Their main website is – but in addition to this they have also registered the domain names: and These two extra domains (and their websites) help Casablanca Hire get more business from. Firstly by creating a niche site just focusing specifically on chair hire in the London area, and secondly by boosting their online presence for the term “London” online – and area where a lot of their customer will be.

Not only do they increase their chances of being found on  search engines such as Google for search terms such as “chair hire London”, but they can also advertise  e.g. in wedding magazines, or event organiser industry magazines, etc using the niche web address

We recommend that you have a look at some of the new domain name extensions and consider what opportunities they can offer you.

3. Protect your brand:

You should do what you can to prevent sneaky competitors or dodgy people from damaging your brand. For example, they could register domains that use your brand in them – and try to pass themselves off as you or your business. For example, fraudsters could register a domain with your brand in it such as e.g. or or, etc and try to trick people into thinking the website is part of your business.

You should identify potential online threats to your brand. What domain names should you own to protect your brand? For the sake of spending a few pounds registering domain names associated with your brand – and thereby protect it – you can avoid huge headaches and legal expenses in the long-run.

If somebody register a domain with your brand in it and sets up a damaging or misleading website on it, then while you may end up being able to shut the website down – but the time & money you will have to spend to do this – not to mention the fact that it will distract you from what you should be working on e.g. growing your business –  will be very costly, you will be wishing you had just registered the domain back when you had the chance.

Many companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Coca-Cola, etc register hundreds or even thousands of domain names. They realise the importance of having more than one domain name.

4. Typo errors:

Another reason to register additional domains is cover any potential loss of visitors to your website as a result of type in errors, which are very common. You can register common type in errors and then set up redirects for miss-spelling of your main domain – get them to redirect to your website.

This will result in you getting more traffic to your site, plus prevent competitors from registering & using them. Many businesses do this e.g. Amazon, who have registered numerous common miss-spellings of their main domain name: and, as well as many others.


5. Target specific geographical areas:

Many businesses register additional domain names in order to either target specific sectors for their existing product of service. For example, in addition to having a .COM extension, Amazon targets specific countries using different domain names such as: (Germany), (France), (Japan), (United Kingdom). They can target each country in a way that will result in more business from that market e.g. by having the website written in the local language, etc – all of which will make it more likely people in those areas will want to buy from them.

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