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Facebook Ads

The ways to get beautiful facebook ads

What makes an engaging image for a Facebook ad? How can your ad standout from the pack of cute babies, brides, and puppies on your prospects’ Facebook feed? We’ll cover all this and much more in this guide.

Facebook Ad Types & Image Size Requirements

Facebook has five main ad formats that all have different technical requirements in terms of the size and aspect ratios that are optimal for posting. These five include:

  • Single image ads
  • Single video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Canvas ads

#1: Single image ads

These are the most common and basic Facebook ad type. While they are basic, they’re also effective, because they’re easy for the Facebook browser to digest. This ad type is also very versatile since it can be used with every Facebook objective (which is the goal you set for the ad) aside from “Video Views.”

Here are the specs for a single image ads:

Image size: 1,200 X 628 pixels

Image ratio: 1.91:1

Text: 90 characters

Headline: 25 characters

Link description: 30 characters

#2: Single Video Ads

Single video ads are just as they sound, a single video in the space where the image typically is. This a lovely ad format considering the fact that 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook videos a week! (I’d be embarrassed to learn how many hours of Tasty video recipes I watch on Facebook each week.)

A few things to keep in mind with Facebook videos is that the majority are watched without sound, so utilizing captions is strongly recommended. Also, a video ad cannot exceed 60 minutes in length.

If you’re interested in going the video ad format route take a look at the specs below:

Video format: .mov or .mp4 are preferable

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Resolution: at least 720p

File size: 2.3 GB max

Thumbnail image size: 1,200 x 675 pixels (*the aspect ratio of the thumbnail should match that of the video)

Text:  90 characters

Headline:  25 characters

Link description: 30 characters

#3: Carousel Ads

Carousel ads allow the advertiser to create a carousel of images or videos that are easily moved by a set of arrows, as shown in the image below. This ad format is especially useful for ecommerce businesses looking to display multiple products in a single advertisement promoting their store or online shop. Of course, many other industries can reap benefits from having the ability to engage their viewers with additional media by using this ad format.

Advertisers are able to display up to 10 images or videos within one Facebook ad that can all link to different pages. Compared to the single ad format advertisers now have the chance of selling an additional 9 products by using a carousel. Pretty neat!

This ad format works with every objective aside from promoting your page, boosting a post, reaching people close by, raising attendance at your event, and getting video views. These also work well on mobile devices.

Check out the specs:

Image size/Thumbnail image size: 1,080 x 1,080 pixels

Image ratio/Video aspect ration: 1:1 (square)

Text: 90 characters

Headline: 40 characters

Link description: 20 characters

*All other video specs (format, resolution, size size, etc.) are the same as the single video ad format above.

#4: Slideshow Ads

Everyone has a relative that spends their entire Sunday creating slideshows to display at the family reunion, right? Well this ad format is pretty much the same thing! So tell your Aunt Barb she can start paying to get more eyes on your family trip to Italy. Ok, that might not be the ideal use case, but these ads give off that nostalgic slideshow feeling, which is why they’re another great option among the ad formats. Slideshow ads work with every objective aside from product catalog promotion.

Check out the specs for these babies below:

Image size: 1,280 x 720 pixels

Image ratio: 16:9, 1:1, or 2:3

Text: 90 characters

Headline: 25 characters

Link description: 30 characters

creating facebook slideshow ads

#5: Canvas Ads

Last, but definitely not least, we have Facebook’s newest ad format, canvas ads. Canvas ads appear as normal image ads on the surface, but once the ad is tapped, the viewer is brought into an immersive, full-screen interactive experience where they can engage with your content. While these ads may feel intrusive, like an unwarranted commercial, the viewer is able to navigate away when they desire, and this ad format allows for a much higher degree of creativity.

This ad format is currently only available via mobile device for the following six objectives: boosting your post, increasing brand awareness, increasing your reach, sending people to a destination on or off Facebook, gaining video views, and increasing conversions on your website.

These ads can be a bit more complex to set up, as they can involve several multimedia components including an ad unit, photos, tilt-to-pan images, video, carousels, a text block, buttons, and header.

creating facebook canvas ads


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