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What type of hosting do you need?

When you choose a web host, you want to do your research and make sure you get exactly what you want. A bad web host could have serious consequences for your website so check reviews and customer testimonials. There’s no better way to understand how a company treats their customers than by asking them.

Now that you know what to look for as you choose a web host, here are the different types of web hosting you’ll encounter.


Most web hosts provide some combination of five main types of hosting: Shared, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud hosting.


Shared hosting services are usually less expensive because you’re sharing one server’s resources with other Shared hosting accounts. Your account is still separate and only you will have access to it. With Shared hosting, you will only share the hardware and its resources like memory and RAM.


WP hosting is optimized for WordPress websites and users. Hosting services already optimized for WordPress will make your life easier as you develop your site. WordPress has specific requirements that often require specific optimization not covered in regular Shared or VPS hosting plans.

For example, pair’s WP hosting plans include the WordFence security plugin, one-click WordPress installations, and automatic WordPress core updates. We also recently upgraded our WP service to include automated backups and staging.


VPS or virtual private server hosting is where you share one server with other accounts. Unlike Shared accounts though everyone has a fixed amount of resources and their own operating system and server software. This allows you to operate as though you have your own private server.


With a dedicated server account, you get the whole server to yourself. This allows you to have a higher level of customization and control over your server than other types of hosting. At pair Networks, our custom-built QS (Quick Serve) dedicated servers come with a ShadowDrive. ShadowDrives allow for an extra level of caution by copying each drive for backup. So, if your hard drive fails, we will already have a backup drive ready to go.


Cloud hosting is the most flexible type of web hosting. Instead of building and running an infrastructure to run in-house applications or CMS, you can upload and configure applications on the cloud. The infrastructure already exists so you can focus on developing your applications.


Reseller hosting describes a symbiotic relationship between a host and a reseller. The web host managed the servers and hardware maintenance while the reseller manages the accounts and interacts with customers. You might be interested in becoming a web hosting reseller if your services complement a host.

For example, a web designer who needs backend access to their clients’ websites may resell the services of a host. This allows the designer to have more control over their clients’ websites during the redesign process and provide site maintenance.

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